Problems with Public Schooling

Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Adora Svitak is a precocious young learner who spoke at TED in February 2010. She has some great ideas for turning around adult attitudes about children. She uses humor to “roast” the contemporary adult perspectives and misjudgments of childhood. In the short time she has to make her exposition, some of her points only boil […]

Who can measure a child’s true potential?

This question is on my mind as I read about the boy who played with nuclear fusion: Who is truly qualified to measure a child’s true potential as a learner? On what scale or under what metric system do we assess the potential that can arise from the curiosity of a toddler? Under what permissible […]

Do public schools play a role in the New Groupthink?

via The Rise of the New Groupthink at Our schools have also been transformed by the New Groupthink. Today, elementary school classrooms are commonly arranged in pods of desks, the better to foster group learning. Even subjects like math and creative writing are often taught as committee projects. In one fourth-grade classroom I visited […]

Are schools now pipelines to prison?

An interesting perspective… The “zero tolerance” policies that today are the most extreme form of this punishment paradigm were originally written for the war on drugs in the early 1980s, and later applied to schools. As Annette Fuentes explains, the resulting extraordinary rates of suspension and expulsion are linked nationally to increasing police presence, checkpoints, and surveillance […]