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Gamification of Home Education

TEDx SF - Tim Chang ©Suzie Katz #9957

TEDx SF - Tim Chang ©Suzie Katz #9957 (Photo credit: TEDx SF)

Gamification is turning some process that is ordinary and mundane into a game. I’ve written before on my own experiments with gamifying home learning. Just search this blog for “Reality Games” and you’ll find all those posts.

TechCruch writer and avid gamer Tim Chang has written a piece called “All the World’s A Game” on how this can be taken to the next level, if you have the time and resources to do so.

As users are presented with unique data and scores about themselves along with interesting insights that tell them “here’s what will happen to you if you do X, Y, or Z next,” life really does start to resemble the immersive and captivating role-playing games that I grew up with.

And if this enables each of us to better identify, improve and share our individual superpowers in the real world, while having fun in the process and becoming closer to our ideal selves, then I say: “Game on!”

At some point, resources permitting, I’d like to take our family’s own reality gaming up a notch and have an online component, sort of like what Khan Academy is already doing. Even though my kids didn’t respond as well as I’d hoped to Chore Wars, they have responded well to Khan Academy and they do enjoy “unlocking” new levels as they learn. What I have in mind is applying that mode of learning to activities such as, say, finding frogs in the forest next door, watching a whole History Channel series such as The Universe, or building new projects in a DIY electronics kit.

Gamification Ethics (by Gabe Zichermann) (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)


One comment on “Gamification of Home Education

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