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Gamification of Home Education

Gamification is turning some process that is ordinary and mundane into a game. I’ve written before on my own experiments with gamifying home learning. Just search this blog for “Reality Games” and you’ll find all those posts. TechCruch writer and avid gamer Tim Chang has written a piece called “All the World’s A Game” on how […]

The Lego™ Ad That Says Everything About How Children Learn

This ad personifies everything homeschool parents intuitively know about how children learn. It very much represents how Legos™ are used in our education environment. Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

What does Mom do, anyway?

Yesterday was an awful day for my wife. It began with something we had been dreading for a while: cleaning up the house. I am not ashamed to admit that it had been over a month since we had last done a full house sweep. Sure, we had cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms when things […]