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Reality Game Questions of the Day: Clever Hans, How It’s Made, WWW, and CRT vs. LCD

eXperience Points
Answer 1 question: 20XP
Answer 2 questions: 80XP
Answer 3 questions: 120XP
Answer 4 questions: 200XP
+ 1 Lego™ for each question!

Horsin’ Around

Read about Clever Hans and answer the three questions.


Visit howitsmade.com and learn something. Tell us about it!

Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportun...

Image by Fräulein Schiller via Flickr


…was the World Wide Web made? (Bonus 100XP if you can figure out the name of Mom’s ex-boyfriend who helped create it!)


…is our new TV so much smaller/lighter? (In other words, how did the technology change between 2002 and 2012?)

Family Points: 5,160


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