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Reality Game Questions of the Day: Occam, Caged Bird, Gunpowder, and Protestants

eXperience Points
Answer 1 question: 20XP
Answer 2 questions: 80XP
Answer 3 questions: 120XP
Answer 4 questions: 200XP
+ 1 Lego™ for each question!

It’s a UFO!

What is Occam’s Razor? Give an example.


Why does the caged bird sing?

Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk

Image via Wikipedia

What else?

Gunpowder had to be mixed to work well until someone figured out that an alcoholic drink called brandy held its parts together in small grains. Soldiers wanted to drink the brandy, not mix it in gunpowder. What other liquid did they end up using?

He did protest much…

What did Martin Luther nail to a church door? Why did he do that?

Family Points: 5,160

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