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Reality Game Questions of the Day: Aaliyah, Dickinson, Japanese Ice Cream, and Nat Geo

eXperience Points
Answer 1 question: 20XP
Answer 2 questions: 80XP
Answer 3 questions: 120XP
Answer 4 questions: 200XP
+ 1 Lego™ for each question!

Back & Forth…

…was a song by Aaliyah. Read about her plane crash and answer the three questions.


Emily Dickinson wrote a poem about something that “licks the valleys up.” What is it?

Speaking of tasty…

Emily dickinson

Image via Wikipedia

Japan has some…interesting flavors of ice cream. Which would you try? Which would you not try?

You tell me!

Visit Nat Geo’s site for kids. Find something interesting. Tell me about it.

Family Points: 5,160

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