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Reality Game Questions of the Day: Cholera, Latin, Ravens, and Wright

eXperience Points
Answer 1 question: 20XP
Answer 2 questions: 80XP
Answer 3 questions: 120XP
Answer 4 questions: 200XP
+ 1 Lego™ for each question!


Read about Dr. Snow & cholera. Answer the 3 questions.

What’s the name?

Can you give the Latin names of the four kinds of mammals in our family/

That’s so raven!

Find 2 possible answers to Lewis Caroll’s riddle “Why is a raven like a writing desk/” Can you find the answer Lewis Caroll finally published when he tired of being asked about it?

English: Fallingwater in West Orange

Image via Wikipedia

He’s famous!

Why is Frank Lloyd Wright so famous even after his death?

Family Points: 3,960


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