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The Great Home Education “Show and Tell” Video Contest! (Sponsors Wanted)

Have you ever wanted set the record straight with how your home education environment works? Do you do something that you’re particularly excited about or that works really well?

Vídeo Canon EOS 550D

Image by Aitor Agirregabiria via Flickr

Little Seeds Academy is hosting a video contest. Here’s your chance to show and tell the world. Record a short video (5 minutes tops) giving us a “tour” of your home education environment and goings-on. Whether it’s just in your house, or several places you go during a typical home education day, we want to see it!

1. Be creative. Make your video stand out. The way you compose your video is completely up to you.

2. Show your best work. We want others to see how awesome it is to home educate.

3. Upload it to YouTube and post it in the comments section below this post.

There are two categories of winners:

  • The People’s Choice: The video with the most individuals commenting on it. Be sure to tell all your friends to “vote” for your video.
  • The Judge’s Choice: Whichever one we think is the bees knees wins judge’s choice.

The deadline for submissions is February 29th. So, let’s get crackin’!

The prize is glory, adulation, fame!

Until we find a sponsor, that is.

Anyone have a business that would be willing to donate a prize in the form of a home education-related product or service? In return, and in addition to the exposure of this contest, we’ll give you free advertising on this site for a year (a banner ad, mentions at the end of each post, etc.).


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