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Reality Game Questions of the Day: Bias, Today in History, Species, and Haiku

Guinea Pigs. The two adult Guinea Pigs that li...

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What is it?

Confirmation bias – give an example

(This was really a good question because it opened the way for us to discuss some parent-child-sibling behavior issues that were rooted in confirmation bias, as well as discuss why Wikipedia is a good resource to begin one’s research, but should not be taken at face-value.)

What happened?

January 9 – Find 3 interesting events that happened in history on this date

(There are a lot of web sites out there that deal out daily trivia on a given date. Slashdot used Wikipedia, but Pixel used This Week in History at TJEd.org (subscription required))

Which one?

There were at least 5 new animal species recently discovered in Southeast Asia. Which one is your favorite?

Can you try it?

Can you write a haiku about Max [the cat], Journey [the dog], or the guinea pigs?

Pixel’s Poem about the guinea pigs:

The piggles squeak lots

from the morning to nighttime

most when there’s carrots

Slashdot’s Poem about Max:

Lays around all day

hunts all night for rats and mice

brings them to the door

Family Points to Date: 2,360

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

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Slashdot was losing motivation, so we sweetened the pot. Polka happened to find a great deal on ShopGoodWill.com on a 10 lb box of random Lego™ pieces the other day, so for every question they answer, they receive one Lego™ piece (up to four per day). The game now more closely resembles Slashdot’s and Chewy’s aspect of Lego™ Star Wars—piling up the studs.

Now that there’s more cool schwag to level up on, Chewy was feeling like he wanted to get in on the game. But, the questions were getting too complicated for him to keep up, so we’ll be creating a set of questions for he and Go-Girl to work on as well.


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