Is Home Education the Ultimate “Flipped Classroom”?

In “How A Flipped Classroom Actually Works“, a teacher describes her implementation of the Khan Academy-inspired “flipped classroom” model of instruction.

The infographic that accompanies the article is one that’s been making the rounds since Khan’s TED video began circulation.

The question that has been on my mind since then is this: Is home education the ultimate implementation of the flipped classroom? Specifically, does allowing kids to learn something on their own time at their own pace, with someone they trust and knows will love them always, even if they don’t always get the right answers, and then reviewing it with them and doing activities around the topic when they’re more comfortable with it, add up to a better learning experience?

Based on my anecdotal evidence at home, and the fact that home education is growing at a rate of 7% per year with over 2 million children being home educated, I believe it does. There has to be something to it, or there wouldn’t be so many families sacrificing second jobs, time, and even paying into a school system they don’t even use anymore on top of the costs they pay for private tutoring and other learning tools.

Watch the video and see the infographic below. Make your own conclusions.


2 comments on “Is Home Education the Ultimate “Flipped Classroom”?

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