Home Education: Transparency or Bust!

Home education begins everywhere

Home education begins everywhere

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Little Seeds Academy blog.  As the “principal” of this learning academy, I plan to provide vision and leadership articles here, as well as practical, day-to-day, love of learning pieces in hopes of helping other home educators on their journeys.

Another purpose of this blog is to increase transparency into the everyday goings-on of home educating families. Sure, there are lots of blogs out there doing the same thing, but each home education experience differs just as each child and family differs. We all benefit when more information is available.

I have a political reason for publishing these posts as well. In some states, public school-only advocates are seeking to shut down home education on the specious grounds that nothing is known about “how the children are doing”. Note my reference to “lots of blogs” in the above paragraph. We, as a family, can add one more set of evidence that home education is at least equal to, though arguably better than the public school experience.

Notice that I keep using the term “home education”. You will also see me using the term “home learning” quite frequently. I’ve grown to dislike the term “home schooling“. School, as a concept, suffers from two things: 1) Bad PR, in that the general population has grown associate “school” with all kinds of unpleasantness, including bullying, tests, and endless, monotonous lecturing with very little love of learning involved, and 2) because the modern notion of “school” originates from early Prussian schooling systems that were developed to breed the critical thinking and creativity out of children before they reach adulthood. The goal of Prussian school systems, later adopted by the rest of the world, was to mold human beings into compliant members of an industrialized, group-think, hierarchical society.

In contrast, home education, or home learning, is the process of maintaining and growing a natural love of learning that is born into each child. As our own “little seeds” grow into mighty trees with deep roots in fertile intellectual and faith-based soils, we hope to share those experiences with the wider world.

If there is anything that you find of “good report” that would be a good fit for featuring on this site, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments, being sure to note solid evidences of how you made your conclusions about your experiences in home education. With your help, we will become a beacon to the world in showing that home education is indeed a viable, if not superior, way of building up the next generation.


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